In his recent works Andrés Pereira Paz has been exploring the ways in which identity is constructed and how the flow of relationships, life experiences, and narratives influence its constant shifts.

The title of his new work Taypi, presented within the Future Generation Art Prize 2021, refers to a word in Aymara, a language of the artist’s native country of Bolivia. Its meaning can be interpreted as “in the middle of” — a point or a dimension in space where the dialogue between different and even antagonistic energies takes place, composing a universal space.

This dichotomy is revealed in drawings made as the artist’s first waking act in the morning, still in transition between dreams and life. What determines our consciousness in this fragile borderline state? How soon do we overtake our identity and become ourselves? The drawing process takes the form of a surrealist exercise that tries to portray the condition between sleep and wakefulness regardless of its content. Considering these drawings as the result of dreams, and as a research experience, Pereira Paz explores the state of mind behind waking up as an essential part of the day where identity and personality are negotiated.

A sound piece echoing in the space presents recordings made by a wind harp that was specially produced for the project. It is capturing the moments of silence and sound, vibrance and resonance in Tempelhofer Feld, from the window of the artist’s bedroom and near the canal close to his apartment. Both elements — drawings and sound — dance together in a state of randomness that includes the potential of learning such a state brings.

Exhibition of Shortlisted Artists at the PinchukArtCentre

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